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When you give good offering the Glory of God comes to you (Leviticus 9)

We are still on the topic of giving offering to God. In this episode, we want to discuss one of the importance of giving good offering to God. After you have given good offering to God, the glory of God, or presence of God comes to you.

In Leviticus 9, read from verse one to the end. In this chapter, Moses called together Aaron and his sons and the elders (The pastor, his family and other pastors and workers of the church).

He said to Aaron, “Take a young bull (offering) for a sin offering… then tell the Israelites, “Take a young bull (offering) for a sin offering…then tell the Israelites, “take a male goat (offering) for a sin offering, ram for peace offering to the Lord because the Lord will appear to you today”

So when you give good offering to God, after you have been cleansed from sin, after asking for the forgiveness of sin and repented. Then the presence of God will come to you.

Your offerings can be in form of praises, thanksgiving, gift (cash), etc.

Of importance to note is, after you have asked for the forgiveness of sin, you will be purified and when you have given a good offering to God, His presence will come to you.

In Leviticus 9:4B…. “Present all these offerings to the LORD because the LORD will appear to you today”

“So the people presented all these things…then the whole community came forward and stood before the LORD.” 9:5

“And Moses said, “This is what the LORD has commanded you to do so that the glory of the LORD may appear to you.”

After the offering was given, they blessed the people again, and the glory of the LORD appeared to the whole community (9:23) and when the people saw this, they shouted with joy and fell face down on the ground (9:24)

When you find yourself in distress, in need, in very terrible situation that requires a change, you need the presence of God, you want the glory of God in your life, give a good offering and the glory of God will come to you, and when you see the glory of God, you will shout for joy.

Praise God!

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