Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Category: Pastors & Men of God

Matthew Ashimolowo was born as Ahmed Ashimolowo on March 17, 1952 in Kaduna, Nigeria to Muslim parents. He is the 4th out of 5 children, a native of Odo-Ewu near Ife in Osun State of Nigeria. He is the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), London.

Pastor Matthew as popularly called is a Motivational Speaker and a successful Businessman; he serves on the board of Premier Radio Station which is UK’s Premier Christian Radio Station.

Monday, February 8, 2016

How I Escaped Hell- Sister Linda’s Testimony

Category: Confessions & Testimonies

I saw a great light, a great power like magnet moving me from the fire, I was coming up, but I thought I was going to another place for more torture, I didn’t think it was deliverance, I didn’t know they were coming to deliver me, I didn’t think God heard my cry, I thought it was finally over.

Then I noticed I landed on a ground. I saw a great light, and a man stood in front of me, He didn’t say a word but looked at me and then turn, I was following him.

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