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It all started on the 14th of February; I was in the funeral of my late friend, we were both in sin together before he died, though we not in relationship but we smoked together, joked together and clubbed together.

During the funeral which took place on the 13th of February, I started hearing a strange voice telling me that I was the next to die. I didn’t understand this, because I had never heard that kind of voice all my life until that day.

My heart was racing fast, I was tormented and so I told my sister, Finda that I was going outside the church building, and so I went and stayed inside the compound of the church.

I heard the pastor preaching about the late brother, he was saying all sorts of good things about him, how nice he was, how he did this and how he was a good tither. Meanwhile I saw this same guy in hell and he has a message for his family!

The way the pastor talked about him during the funeral, you should have thought he should be in heaven. These pastors are deceiving us.

When Finda came out of the church to meet me where I was, I told her about the strange voice I was hearing, something keeps telling me that I am going to die, I told her. She said I should pray about it.

When we later went back home, I was still tormented, after every 2-5 minutes the voice keeps coming back to me, telling me I was going to die.

So the whole of Wednesday I was tormented until Thursday 14th February when my friend called to come and spend the valentine in her house.

On other valentine days, we normally would drink, talk about men, and think of how to raise money for the future through sinful ways.

So I went to my friend’s house hoping that I was going to stop hearing the voice that was tormenting me. But even while with my friends I didn’t catch fun as usual, I was kind of distant. The voice did not stop coming to me, I told my friend about the voice and she said I should drink more, that if I took more alcohol I would stop hearing the voice.

Unlike me, I didn’t feel like drinking, instead I decided to go back home. The way the voice kept coming back I knew I had to tell Finda to pray for me, I didn’t want to die outside the house even if I had to die.

As a sinner, anytime I was sick I’d always call Philda to pray for me. My faith and everything was on her. I didn’t know I was wasting my time. (Put your faith in Jesus).

So when I got back home I told Philda that the voice was still tormenting me, she asked me to lie down so she could prepare food for me. (Philda behaves like a mother to me, she pampers me even as a younger sister- I love her so much).

Finda prayed with me and told me to lie down and rest. But while I was in my room, this voice kept coming back, I didn’t know I wouldn’t see the next day clearly.

The next morning by 6 am, while in my room, I felt something strange happening to me and then I called out to Finda.

I shouted out for her to come and she rushed to my room. I told her to pray for me that I was dying. She said I shouldn’t use the word death but I told her I was dying.

She asked me to come down from the bed, as I was trying to stand, there was no life in my legs and so I fell to the floor. I heard her call on my younger brother to bring water, I was sweating and in serious pain, I was tormented and in deep pain.

She called for two of my friends, one of them was my ex-boyfriend, and they came and saw my condition. Finda asked them to pray, but they didn’t know how to pray, they were just repeating everything that Philda was saying.

Then I started seeing demons coming in black and I told Philda they are coming for me, I am dying.

Finda asked me to sit, she said I shouldn’t move. She said “Sit, let God do something”.

She sat down and I laid on her legs, she asked me to repeat some words after her, “Jesus, have mercy…”

But the demons I was seeing were too fearful that I was not concentrating on her, I was afraid.

Then I breathed in, all of a sudden, I saw myself on a broad way, with countless people in different colors of all races, all walking, the road is so wide, we were all moving, and I was wondering where I was, who the people are. But you don’t have the sense in that place to say you want to go back or ask questions about your whereabouts, you will just keep going because the road was just ahead and everybody were going ahead, nobody was going back.

When we approached the place we were going- hell!, the heat alone was already fierce even from distance, that was when I realized I was dead.

Then we started hearing horrible voices, “Mercy, mercy, oh my head, oh Jesus, I cant take this anymore, have mercy”

And we, the fresh ones, coming to hell, we started shouting too, “Have mercy, mercy, mercy”

All of a sudden we saw demons ahead of us coming to take us by force. The demons nails are sharp like needles, when you are grabbed by the demons, their nails will pierce into your body, just to drag you, you are already feeling pains, and yet you are not yet in hell.

The demons are so wicked, they hate us with passion, especially those of us that knows the word, that is why I am pitying these false men of God who says they know Jesus, they are under in hell, we are on top in the fire in hell, while they are underneath at the bottomless pit.

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