Thursday, July 19, 2018

Righteous Shall Flourish (Final Part)

So God began to teach me- He said- bless your people, tell them they are bless, so when you shake my hand in the morning- I’m bless, in the evening- I’m blessed, in the night- I’m blessed.

Everywhere I go- I am blessed- halleluiah!

I’m blessed, I’m well, I’m on top, I’m not down, I’m success, I’m not failure, the Lord is on my side. Halleluiah!

The righteous shall flourish, your skin have nothing to do with your prosperity. Your city has nothing to do with your prosperity, where God is, there’s life.

So God told me- I am able to do exceeding and abundantly above all we can ask or think. You know why you have never done anything big in life? You think you are the one going to do it.

So when you to buy a car you look for a car according to your income. And when you need small money you pray but when you need big money you go to the bank. That’s how you do in civilized nations, when you need $10 you go to God praying but when you need $1000 you go to the bank. Why?

You talk big and act small. You serve a big God and live a small life- why? You don’t believe! you can shout and jump and rumble. Your jumping does not tell me your testimony. But you show me your faith by your work- halleluiah!

You say- thank God I am poor, thank God I don’t have car- shame on you- shame on you! The righteous shall flourish.

You say I am poor because I am holy- it’s a sign of iniquity. Because when you are a sinner you are cursed when you lie down, you are cursed when you go out; you are cursed when you go in.

Say I’m righteous I have right to flourish, I’m a righteous man. I can flourish.

This is the scripture that changed my life. Ephesians 3:20, “Unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above”

I didn’t know I was not the doer, I thought I was the one that is going to do it but God told me, I am able to do exceeding and abundantly above.

So how far can I ask, God can do above, how much can I think, God can do above it, so I said, I’m going to take limit off God. I’m not going to be that black boy from Africa anymore, coming to ask for $1, no my God is not poor. God is prosperous.

I told God I’m going to be the symbol of prosperity. The bible says that they may see you and glorify your Father which is in heaven, so here I am- halleluiah!

God is able to do exceeding, abundantly; above all you can ask or think. How much can you ask?

If you know you are not the one going to do it, ask for more. If you know you are not the one going to do it- think more.

Because God say no matter how you think, I will beat you to it.

So I changed my mind, I said God I will never build any school that is small, I will never be on TV that is small. I will never preach a message that is small, whether I am talking to 200 people or 2000 people or in a big church or in a crusade ground to half a million people or a million people.

God is a good God everyday- halleluiah! So I told myself I am going to be doing all that God told me He can do with me. For with God all things are possible.

Brother I have a prophecy for you- your heart desire have almost crumbled but God asked me to tell you- the wall that broke down shall be rebuilt again. Every fiber of your body and every area of your life that the caterpillar and cankerworm have eaten, God will bring it back. The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off, the Lord shall bring it to pass says the spirit of the living God.

Because you have praised the Lord in the face of all obstacles, because you have declared that I am a good God, from now shall I be the example of your proclamation. From my voice shall prove what you have testified. For you have told many that I am good to you for you have told many that I am good to you, from now I shall not only bless you but make you a blessing because your mouth have confessed that the Lord you serve is a good God, so shall it be unto you, says the spirit of the living God.

In the name of Jesus rise up for the Lord shall say to you, your body is not made for sickness, your heart shall not beat for fear for the Lord your God is a healing God, put my yoke upon you for it is easy, my burden is light for I am the Lord that healeth thee. From this day shall you experience my power, says the Lord.

If you have a neck problem, in the name of Jesus be healed. I decree the healing of God upon your neck, be healed in Jesus name. Now be healed in the name of Jesus.

Shake your neck now- in the name of Jesus you are healed. Breathe in and release it! In Jesus name, let it go, in the name of Jesus turn that neck now, you are healed in Jesus name.

Body be free, body be free from every injury, from every attack of Satan- lose, in Jesus name- lose!

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