Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What is Wrong in Giving Gifts to Men of God?

Giving gifts like cars, money or anything good even houses to men of God is not bad. What is bad is for a man of God put over the resources of a church or an organization to be dipping hands into the resources for his personal use.

I have heard many people criticize pastors for taking gifts, but I don’t see anything wrong in that. A man of God who prophecies over your life and you receive favor and good things from God and men deserves to be given gifts by you. The amount of what you give to your pastor depends on how much you also have and can afford to give out!

When some rich people are sick, they spend several millions on surgery and all sorts of medical operation and drugs to get healed of the sickness, and sometimes they still end up dead!

But a man of God that prays to God and a very sick man becomes heal of a terminal disease; tell me how much is too big to give to such a man of God? Look here, the fact that he is a man of God doesn’t mean he does not deserve gifts; he probably does deserve it than people you think do!

Allow a man of God to be a man of God, let whatever judgment meant for him be from God and not your lips. If you think he doesn’t deserve to be given gifts just because his power is from God, then you are making a mistake.

Because every gifts (talents) from God is always followed by fruits, whether you are good pastor or a very talented singer. A good pastor will become rich, that is the truth, because people will give him gifts.

Quickly take a look at this story in the Book of Matthew 8: 14-15, “When Jesus arrived Peter’s house, Peter’s- mother-in-law was sick in bed with a high fever. But when Jesus touched her hand, the fever left her. Then she got up and prepared a meal for him”

The food can represent money, car, houses etc. she gave Jesus food after Jesus touched and healed her. She did not give him food when she was down sick on the bed; she gave him food when he had healed her.

Many times men of God blesses people tremendously through their God-given gifts of prophecy and miracle such that when these people have been healed of diseases or promoted in their place of work through the prophecy and miracle these men of God, most of them return to give them gifts running into millions or even multi-million acres of land, particularly those who are rich and in highly placed positions.

Pray to God to give you the grace to stop condemning and judging men of God. Pray for God to give you your own talents that will make people bless you with great gifts.

God bless you.

Notice: Unless otherwise indicated, all scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation.

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