Friday, September 30, 2016

See How Pastors Use Handkerchiefs to Initiate Followers into Demonic Camps

Category: Confessions & Testimonies

Jesus showed me when Stan was ordaining some of these pastors, they will bow to Satan and Satan will lay hands on them, and Satan gives them handkerchiefs.

Devices of Pastors to Ordain Members for Satan Kingdom

Beware of handkerchiefs, “my pastor gives me this handkerchief, they selling handkerchief in churches”. Handkerchiefs are not of Jesus; when you put your faith on the handkerchief that a man of God gives you, it is evil practice.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Humility and Obedience Brings Favor

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Humility will brings you before kings, it brings you before people of authority, it gives you keys to some doors. When you are humble, people will love to associate with you and they will honor you.

After King Xerxes have decreed and banned Queen Vasthi from his presence, he sought a woman, and his advisers went to look for a beautiful virgin for the king.

So some beautiful virgins across the town were selected including Esther. The women would be taken to the king’s palace and trained for a period of time. When their time comes, they are taken into the king’s private rooms; the next day they are taken to another place and would never see the king again unless the king requested for them by name.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Satan Manufactures Jewelries and Tattoos

Category: Confessions & Testimonies

I saw Satan’s factory of jewelries, when Jesus showed me. I saw Satan’s demons how they are producing these things; you don’t know where these gold come from, you say, it is marriage ring. You don’t know where these weavons comes from, the bracelets you call fashion, eyelashes; eyelashes are gotten from Satan’s armpit, the hair under Satan’s armpit is what they use to manufacture eyelashes.

When Jesus opens your eyes to see, the things we women buy and put on. Even, these clothes we are wearing; they are polluted, that’s why God says, “pray without ceasing”, pray on everything.

God showed me market women; market men, who are with Satan, they pollute the food we eat.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

13 Things You Do That Attracts Curses from God

Category: Daily Inspirational

Often time a lot of us think that curses are only from that old village witch or some wicked herbalist or wizards.

In fact many people think that generational curses are the only curses and that they come as a result of family history. People even believes that such curses may come as a result of a wrong doing by a certain family, several decades or centuries away. They believe that if they are affected by that curse or any other at all, it is the fault from their family background and not necessarily due to their own mistakes.

However there are some curses which the Bible states that people can get even everyday if they are not careful. In Deuteronomy 27, from verse 15 to 26, some curses actually come from God as a result of disobedience to His commandments.

Sierra Leone Pastors That Will Go To Hell

Category: Confessions & Testimonies

God gave me messages to four bishops and some other pastors in Sierra Leone. These are not all the pastors in Sierra Leone but these are the main pastors in Sierra Leone that have big names, with large congregation, who people listen to, that even young men of God must live with to become popular or else no one will recognize them.

They pollute these young men of God that God wants to use, so God says, “I will trample on them to give way to my young preachers coming up”

Monday, September 26, 2016

My Second Visit to Hell; Famous People I Saw in Hell

Category: Confessions & Testimonies

Jesus went with me to hell this time, when I was with Jesus, the brightness of Jesus; Jesus have light all over His body, when we entered that dark place, I was seeing, I could see, this time, the people in hell because of the bright light on Jesus (Jesus is walking with a bright light, a glorious light).

And then, Jesus opened my eyes to see some of these men and women in hell. Jesus gave me message to Sierra Leone, He said if I should have come in December to January only five people in Sierra Leone would have raptured five only. That includes the three righteous pastors and five other people in and out of the church, when I said this in Sierra Leone, people said it is lie.

Jesus said Sierra Leone is polluted; that the shepherds he gave the word to preach to His people in Sierra Leone are dying to meet God, but majority are in hell. So Jesus sent me to Sierra Leone

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Attack- Sister Linda's Testimony

Category: Confessions & Testimonies

The torture in hell is so much that is why when God sends message to them, they refuse to it in Sierra Leone, and they want to kill me.

Listen to the message and change your life, because Jesus said He is giving them one last grace, but they don’t want to listen because of their selfish interest, they don’t want to lose this money, they don’t want to lose the congregation.
And when the demon held me, he was dragging me into hell. In hell, it is very dark, you can’t see anything, anyone, you can only hear sounds, you will feel something doing something to you, you can feel somebody touching you, somebody beating you, but you can’t see anything because the place is too dark. The smell in hell is terrible, people are continuously crying in hell asking God to allow them go back to the world to the people and tell them about Jesus.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sister Linda's Testimony: Message For Nigerian Pastors

Category: Confessions & Testimonies

DeeperLife Bible Church: Pastor Kumuyi: “He is my servant, he is preaching my word but tell pastor Kumuyi to take a tour and go round the whole world where his churches are and tell his people to go out and show lone to one another (to other churches).

He said tell the truth (because Deeperlife Church people have the truth) I gave you to the people outside your church; tell them the whole truth and the standard of the hard truth in Deeperlife worldwide as Christians.

Some Deeperlife people are going to hell now, some of them are compromising the truth, some deeperlife people around the world and other churches are not Deeperlife anymore, so Pastor Kumuyi should go round.

He said, tell Deeperlife to pray for God’s revival in Deeper life so that their standard and members will come back to God.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Recession: Those That Obey God will be Blessed Tremendously (Deuteronomy 28:1- 13)

Category: Daily Inspirational

If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully keep all his commands… you will be set high above, you will not experience the hard times people are talking about. God will make you so rich and wealthy that people will awe!

You will experience all these blessings if you obey the Lord your God, particularly in this recession times.

It doesn’t matter what is currently happening around the world. The economic situation of the world is getting worse than ever before, but this current hard time is not a yardstick to measure yourself as a child of God. Once you obey his commands (all of it, not part of it), you will live even better than you were when there was no recession.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

City of God FAQs

About CITY of God
  1. What is CITY of God all about

    CITY Pastor teaches the bible in the fullest, purest and easiest way to understand.

    In addition to daily inspirational posts, motivational audios by pastors and videos by great men of God, the CITY Pastor also posts biography of reputable pastors and men of God

    You can send an inspirational message or biography of a man of God to for publishing on CITY of God blog.

    Feel free to send your prayer and counsel requests to us, we will be glad to read your feedback. We will respond to your e-mails ASAP.

    Thank you for visiting the CITY of God Page. We pray that the ministry resources available on the CITY of God will be a blessing to you and your family.

    God bless you.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Why God Punishes His Children

Category: Daily Inspirational

“God is mighty, but He does not despise anyone! He is mighty in both power and understanding.

He does not let the wicked live but gives justice to the afflicted. He never takes His eyes off the innocent, but He sets them on thrones with kings and exalts them forever.

If they are bound in chains and caught up in a web of trouble He shows them the reason He shows them their sins of pride.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Duties of a pastor (Matthew 10:1)

Category: Daily Inspirational

The major duties and responsibilities of a pastor aside other things are:

Cast out evil spirits
Heal every kind of disease and illness

In the Book of Matthew 10:1, “Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and heal every kind of disease and illness.

That means as a pastor/ a man of God you have been given the authority to cast out demons and ill every kind of disease and illness.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Be Shrewd as a Snake and Harmless as Doves

Category: Daily Inspirational

Many Christians and Believers think just because they are Christians they are supposed to tolerate all situations even negative and unpleasant situations that could land them into trouble.

Sometimes when they find themselves in a situation of discomfort that requires them to take an action, they would rather not speak out or react, they prefer to stay silent and end up landing into deep big problems.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Names of Jesus’ Disciples

Category: Great Bible Leaders & Kings

  1. Simon (also called Peter)
  2. Andrew (Peter’s brother)
  3. James (Son of Zebedee)
  4. John (James brother)
  5. Philip
  6. Bartholomew
  7. Thomas
  8. Matthew (the tax collector)
  9. James (Son of Alphaeus)
  10. Thaddaeus
  11. Simon (The Zealot)
  12. Judas Ischariot (who later betrayed him)
Reference: Matthew 10:2-4

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