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HELP! My Mouth Has Ruined Me (True Life Confession)

My name is Ikechukwu Silvanus; I will be 39 years old in January. About 20 years ago I committed a great blunder which has been affecting my life up till now. I am currently a jobless man, with no single penny and almost living a useless life all because of the word of my mouth.

I lived with my father and my cousin, Emeka. My mother had left my dad for several years and so I lived alone with Emeka and my dad. My dad was a rich business man until he died two years ago.

About 20 years ago day my dad kept N500,000 in the house and I stole N50,000 from it. My dad later discovered when he returned home that night that N50,000 was missing from the amount he kept. He called both Emeka and me, Emeka said he knew nothing about the missing money, when my dad asked me about the money, I also denied knowing anything about the missing money. I didn’t stop there but went ahead to place curses on myself. In my words I said to my dad, “I didn’t take the missing money, if I am the one who took the money, it should not be well with me and anything I desire in life should not come to me”

Hearing my confession, my father said, “So shall it be if I knew about the money”

Before he left, he again warned both Emeka and I that we should confess if we knew anything about the missing money or we won’t succeed in anything we do, with that my dad ended the case.

I should have confessed the truth but because of shame and my need for the money, I was unable to confess.

Later I got admission into Nsuka while Emeka continued to serve my father. During a holiday I came home and no one was at home, I noticed Emeka had kept N2 million in a “Ghana must go” bag in his room. I took N150,000 from the money and hid it.

At night when Emeka was giving account to my dad he discovered the missing amount. Just like the first incidence, I denied knowledge of the missing money. Again my father cursed whoever took the money and advised the person to confess or face the wrath in future, as usual the case ended again.

Eventually I graduated from school but couldn’t get a job. My dad got some contracts through his friends, three times I got contracts of up to N10 million, but nothing came out of it.

Things kept getting worse, and then one day my mother suggested I go to see a spiritual man of God. After praying and fasting for some days, the man of God told me that my past was haunting me, that I was suffering from the words of my mouth.

The man of God said, he was shown in vision that the people I had cheated in the past are the cause of my present predicaments. He said for me to get out of my predicaments I needed to confess to the people I had cheated in the past.

Going back to confess to my dad and Emeka was a big problem for me, I couldn’t stand the embarrassment.

Days turned into years without me confessing, eventually my dad died and things went worse for me. I went back to the man of God and confessed to him that I didn’t obey his instruction to confess to the people I cheated. The man of God said that I had to confess to get my breakthrough.

Since my dad was dead I went to Onitsha and located Emeka who is now a well-established business man, I confessed to him how I had stolen the monies and asked him to forgive me. Emeka said both my dad and him knew I took the monies, and that he had already forgiven me.

I thought that would end my tribulations but nothing changed. I went back to the man of God and he said unless I confessed to my dad, things will not change for me. When I told him that my father was dead, the man of God said he didn’t know what else to do. That the instruction he got from God is that I should confess to people I cheated.

Please I need help what should I do. I have truly repented now but things have gone very bad for me. Help out!

God bless you.

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  1. If this story is true then it is great calamity


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