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See The Real Men of God From Sierra Leone

And then He showed me an anointed man of God, He said, this is my son:

Francis A.M Mambu (Faith Healing Bible Church): God showed me how this man is serving Him in truth and in spirit. God says he is not compromising His word for anything. “He is not preaching for his self-interest, he is telling the people the hard truth of my word, the persecution the man is going through for God; tell him to stand firm, anyone who fights against you, fights against me”.

He said, “Go out and preach my word, not only in your church, I’m with you, I will make your enemies your footstool”.

“Tell him, I have released more grace on him, it is well with you my son”

I don’t use to like this man- Francis Mambu, for his holiness preaching. I felt so ashame
The men of God I loved so much in the world that I thought were the real men of God, for instance Bishop Achibald Cole; I use to love this man of God because I use to think he was a righteous man of God. I thought he was with God, not knowing he was with demons.
I hated Francis Mambu, I didn’t know he was a true child of God until Jesus was praising him; Jesus was happy over this man.

And He said, “I am going to send you to this man of God, he will lead you, with this other pastor to take my message out.”

And when I met this man; he obeyed and went to God in prayer (he did not accept the message; I told him everything Jesus told me except the message for him personally- I told him Jesus said I should come to him, that He wants fasting and prayer for the church and the things Jesus showed me of the body of Christ.

And he just said “Okay, I will know what to do” and he went and did dry fasting, he asked God if He sent me and God told him “Yes”.

And he called me back to his office and said to me, “God sent you and I’m, going to back up God’s message”

But these other men of God; they did not do it, instead they said the spirit told them that I am from demons, and they have been threatening us.

And God showed me another anointed man of God. I didn’t know this man of God was helping my sister (I hated the man for always calling my sister).

Pastor Ezekiel Baimba Sesay: He said, Ezekiel Baimba Sesay: you have proved to me that you love me with all the hard times you stand for the truth, preaching of my word, I will expand you And make your enemies your footstool, don’t compromise, stand for the truth; take message of holiness round the world, I am with you. Today, he is hearing the message.

And the Lord showed me another man of God but he is a Nigerian; Pastor Emeka Moses- Watchman Ministry, with headquarters in Nigeria. He said, “he is preaching my word, he is not compromising my word for anything. I’m with you- go out and preach, not only in your church”. (Because Pastor Emeka is used to saying, “I am not a Sierra Leonean, if you want to hear the truth, come to my church, if these men of God wants me to come to their church, I will go, but I am not forcing myself”.

So God sent me to tell him that he is not to preach the holiness message to only his members but he should go out and preach outside the church, that He will make his enemies his footstool. He said, this church is my church.

And He gave me a message for one man of God (This man of God said he is ready to kill me if I call his name). and I am calling his name now, I am waiting to die, his name is:

Pastor Maho: In the beginning God gave him power, God used him and then, he deviated from the truth (because when you have this power, you start seeing people, crowd coming to your church). That’s why God sent my sister earlier to tell the people, that some church members are making these men of God to sin. Sometimes, in Sierra Leone you will find people in large crowd waiting for a man of God to lay hands on them and waiting for prophecies.
God said, because of this, Pastor Maho went into evil and pride and started doing things without listening to God the devil entered and started deceiving him, now he is bowing to an animal, he is worshipping an animal. He gets power from evil places; the seas, evil altar, temples and he is in sacrificial practices, he sacrifices animals, anything- people. He takes blood to his kingdom; he fornicated with the women in the church. He sleeps with the women in the church; he sleeps rapidly with the women in his church.

He said, tell him to change, that sin is too much on him, and tell him one more grace.

And even Adesafe, God says he is sleeping with the young women, widows; he sleeps with women both in his church and outside the church. He lavishes money on college girls and sleeps with them.

Adesafe is an evil man.

He gave me another message for another woman: Sister Yaarie Kabia of Shalom Ministry; “she knows my true message and know what I’m saying to Linda is true but she joined these other false men of God because she’s afraid to say the truth.

He said, “Who are you afraid of, me or man? Come out of them and do my will”

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