Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When you Become Born Again, You Have the Spirit of God

When you receive Jesus as your Lord and savior, God takes away your sins and you have become a new person. Now that you are a new person, He has given you the power to do some things that ordinarily you won’t be able to do by your own power.

You can now prophesy and see visions because the Spirit of God is now on you.

His word says, “The after doing all those things, I will pour out my spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions” Joel 2: 28

God's Promise of Restoration

God’s promise of restoration for us applies to everyone who has truly repented of their sins and has accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior.

The word of God says, the Lord will guide us jealously and He will send us grains and new wine and olive oil enough to satisfy our needs. Praise the Lord!

You don’t need any rituals; you don’t need any witchcraft to achieve this, all you need is the word of God.

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“Then the Lord will pity His people and jealously guard the honor of his land. The Lord will reply, “Look! I am sending you grain and new wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy your needs. You will no longer be an object of mockery among the surrounding nations” Joel 2: 18-19

Monday, January 30, 2017

Healing for the Repentant

After you have received Jesus as your Lord and personal savior there are some packages that are meant for you, among this includes; good health, wealth, prosperity, and general favor.

In the Book of Genesis, God made some vows with Abraham; He blessed Abraham, because Abraham pleased Him. And He said these blessings also belongs to all of his descendants both born at that time and those that will come through his children.

When Jesus Christ came, because Jesus is also through the same lineage, He made the same promise to all those who becomes born-again; they naturally have the same inheritances as Abraham and his offspring.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Rich and Proud

“I have been the Lord your God ever since I brought you out of Egypt. You must acknowledge no God but me, for there is no other savior. I took care of you in the wilderness, in that dry and thirsty land. But when you had eaten and were satisfied, you became proud and forgot me. So now I will attack you like a lion, like a leopard that lurks along the road. Like a bear whose cubs have been taken away, I will tear out your heart. I will devour you like a hungry lioness and mangle you like a wild animal” Hosea 13: 4-8

Most people, particularly when they have become very rich forget their humble beginnings when they had nothing and called upon the name of the Lord every day to rescue them from poverty and provide for their needs. But as soon as they become rich, they forget their vows to God; they become very proud, spending their monies on the things of this world, committing all kinds of immoralities that are not pleasant to the Lord Almighty.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Blessings on God's people

Now that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, all your troubles are over in Jesus name. Read the promises of God concerning all that pertains to you.

“Then you will know that, I the Lord your God, live in Zion, my holy mountain. Jerusalem will be holy forever, and foreign armies will never conquer her again.” Joel 3:17

Yes, now that you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior never again will your enemies overcome you. You are now a conqueror and over-comer. You have the power to overcome all obstacles and overwhelming circumstances, amen!

The Adulteress and Prostitute

For those who still believe that prostitution is not a sin, listen to this and listen very carefully. Prostitution is a sin and it displeases God. He is very angry with prostitutes and adulteresses.

He said, “Tell her to remove the prostitute’s makeup from her face and clothing that exposes her breasts. Otherwise, I will strip her as naked as she was on the day she was born. I will leave her to die of thirst, as in a dry and barren wilderness. And I will not love her children for they were conceived in prostitution” Hosea 2: 1B-4
If you know your mother conceived you out of adultery or prostitution my advice to you is to quickly seek God to help you break the curse, because it doesn’t matter what your present status is, God has placed a curse on the prostitute and adulteress and the only way out is for that curse to be broken, perhaps that is why you have so many problems and you are wondering why? You did not sin; you did not do anything bad. You may be suffering as a result of your mother’s adultery.

Your Restoration

“But I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there. I will return her vineyards to her and transform the valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope. She will give herself to me there, as she did long ago when she was young, when I freed her from captivity in Egypt” Hosea 2: 14-15

When you have repented of your sins God says He will return all the things you have lost during the time you strayed away from Him. He said He will accept you again and save you from all troubles.

“When that day comes, “Says the Lord, “you will call me ‘my husband’ instead of ‘my master’. On that day I will make a covenant with all the wild animals (pest and diseases, difficult situations) and birds of the sky and the animals that scurry along the ground so they will not harm you. I will remove all weapons of war from the land, all swords and bows, so you can live unafraid in peace and safety” Hosea 2: 16, 18

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Why you are Suffering

Nations, organizations, churches, and individuals are suffering because of their unfaithfulness to God Almighty. A lot of people believe that they can live their lives the way they want and yet get the grace and mercy of the Lord. I tell you the truth, it is a lie. If you refuse to change your ways and repent of your sins you cannot find favor from God.

Maybe you can get it from the devil, but not from God. You can only get favor from God if you truly change from your sinful ways. Lots of pastors and teachers lie to their congregation all because of the financial gains they get from them. Some pastors take tithes from prostitutes and make those prostitutes believe that what they are doing is well.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Come Let Us Return To The Lord

Our God is always a willing God to forgive us each time we go astray. He doesn’t want any of us to die in our sins, because anyone who dies in sin will go to eternal damnation. That will not be our portion in Jesus name, amen.

“Come; let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces; now He will heal us. He has injured us, now He will bandage our wounds. In just a short time He will restore us, so that we may live in His presence. Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know Him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring.” Hosea 6: 1-3 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why God is Not Answering Your Prayers

Many people believe they can be living in sin and expect God to answer their prayers. They like to do things their own ways and expect to find the mercy of God. No, God doesn’t work like that!

“I want to heal Israel, but it’s sins are too great. Samaria (Nigeria) is filled with liars. Thieves are on the inside and bandits on the outside! It’s people don’t realize that I am watching them. Their sinful deeds are all around them, and I see them all” Hosea 7: 1-2

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“I will cleanse you of your filthy behavior. I will give you great harvests from your fruit trees and fields, and never again will the surrounding nations (problems, trials, tribulations) be able to scoff at your land for its famines” Ezekiel 36: 31

When you have pleased God, He will finally accept you as His own. He said he will give you profits for your hard labor, he will reward all your efforts, and never again will you be affected by the negative situations surrounding you.

“Then you will remember your past sins and despise yourselves for all the detestable things you did” Ezekiel 36: 31.

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You Can Rise Again (Ezekiel 37:1-14)

“The Lord took hold of me, and I was carried away by the spirit of the Lord to a valley filled with bones. He led me all around among the bones that covered the valley floor. They were scattered everywhere across the ground and were completely dried out. Then he asked me, “Son of man, can these bones become living people again?”

“O Sovereign Lord,” I replied, “You alone know the answer to that”

Then he said to me, “Speak a prophetic message to these bones and say. ‘Dry bones; listen to the word of the Lord! This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Look! I am going to put breath into you and make you live again! I will put flesh and muscles on you and cover you with skin. I will put breath into you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord”

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Message for Pastors and Men of God

The truth is that it is not a sin if as a General Overseer or a Pastor you have vast land, properties, jets etc. as long as you used your personal resources to acquire that wealth. I mean as a pastor, there is nothing bad if you have a personal business you finance with the money you made from working for another organization, maybe you were a banker, a manager somewhere before you became a pastor, or maybe you even an Entrepreneur as you also do your pastor work.

But it is against the laws of the Almighty God for you to amass wealth with the resources people have brought to the house of the Lord. If you convert the resources brought to God’s house for yourself, man of God, you are sinning very greatly.

Why Politicians, Traders and Business People Should Not Cheat

“For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Enough, you princes of Israel! Stop your violence and oppression and do what is just and right. Quit robbing and cheating my people out of their land. Stop expelling them from their homes, says the Sovereign Lord. Use only honest weights and scales and honest measures, both dry and liquid” Ezekiel 45: 9-10

This message of the Lord is not only for the people of Israel it applies to everywhere on this earth, particularly here in Nigeria. God is telling politicians to stop oppressing the people, stop this violence. Stop cheating your people, stop these oppression.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Refuse to be Corrupted

“Then the King ordered Ashpenaz, his chief of staff, to bring to the palace some of the young men of Judah’s royal family and other noble families, who had been brought to Babylon as captives.

“Select only strong, healthy, and good-looking young men,” he said. “Make sure they are well versed in every branch of learning, are gifted with knowledge and good judgment, and are suited to serve in the royal palace. Train these young men in the language and literature of Babylon.” Daniel 1: 3-4

Why Your Enemies will Bow to You

In Daniel 3, King Nebuchadnezzar passed a decree that everyone living in the land must bow down and worship the gold statue made. Everyone must bow down and worship when they heard the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipes, and other musical instruments. Anyone that refuses the order is to be thrown into a blazing furnace immediately.

But these three young men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused this order because they know the laws of the Most High God and have respect for God’s laws and decrees above any law of man.

Report soon got to the king that the three men refused to obey his instructions. In his annoyance, the king ordered that the three be brought before him and he said to them,

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Friday, January 13, 2017

When God is with you (Ezekiel 34:25-31)

“I will make a covenant of peace with my people and drive away the dangerous animals from the land. Then they will be able to camp safely in the wildest places and sleep in the woods without fear. I will bless my people and their homes around my holy hill. And in the proper season I will send the showers they need. There will be showers of blessing”

When you are serving God sincerely and doing His will, He said He will make a covenant of peace with you. There will be nothing like disease or suffering for you because God will take care of everything that pertains to you.

Prayer against Oppression

But the Lord stands beside me like a great warrior. Before him my persecutors will stumble. They cannot defeat me. They will fail and be thoroughly humiliated. Their dishonor will never be forgotten.

O Lord of Heaven’ Armies, you test those who are righteous, and you examine the deepest thoughts and secrets. Let me see your vengeance against them, for I have committed my cause to you.

Punishments for False Prophecy (Jeremiah 28)

“And it came to pass the same year in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the fourth year, and in the fifth month, that Hananiah the son of Azur the prophet, which was of Gibeon. Spake unto me in the house of the Lord, in the presence of the priests and of all the people, saying, Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, saying, I have broken the yoke of the king of Babylon” Jeremiah 28: 1-3

This happened when the Israelites had been taken captive by the king of Babylon, Hananiah did not hear from God but because he wanted to make the people happy he gave them a consoling prophecy which he claimed came from God. He said God will restore Israel and break the yoke of Babylon. Even prophet Jeremiah said amen to his prophecy.

The Sin of Adultery

Adulteress, listen to the word of God:

“She sobs through the night; tears stream down her cheeks. Among all her lovers, there is no one left to comfort her. All her friends have betrayed her and become her enemies.

She defiled herself with immorality and gave no thought to her future. Now she lies in the gutter with no one to lift her out. “Lord see my misery”, she cries. “The enemy has triumphed.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is Generational Curse

Our ancestors sinned, but they have died and we are suffering the punishment they deserved. Lamentations 5: 7

That means generational curse(s) do exist. Generational curses exist over generations, what your ancestor that died in 1912 did can affect you in 2012 if you are not living under the grace of God.

Importance of Studying the Word of God

Little wonder each time I read the word of God, I feel filled, I get a new kind of energy; I discover new things, secrets of life; how to be a happy and happier person. How to make wealth and how to prosper in life, how to overcome situations, problems, people and times.

But before today I thought what makes me feel those things I mentioned are because I read the word of God and probably because it’s just the word of God

Why God uses Tough People for His work

“But look, I have made you as obstinate and hard-hearted as they are. I have made your forehead as hard as the hardest rock! So don’t be afraid of them or fear their angry looks, even though they rebels” Ezekiel 3:8

So God can actually make a man’s heart to be hardened, its not only a devil’s tool. When God wants to correct a rebellious people, He uses a strong-hearted person, a tough character and strong willed person that they would fear!

Living in sin

If you are still sinning and enjoying it, read this carefully and repent fast! You don’t know what is ahead of you, sinning. If you are still committing adultery, murder, stealing, cheating your neighbor and lying, its time you change your ways and please be fast about it!

Ezekiel 7:8-9, “Soon I will pour out my fury on you and unleash my anger against you. I will call you to account for all your detestable sins. I will turn my eyes away and show no pity. I will repay you for all your detestable sins. Then you will know that it is I, the Lord who is striking the blow”

Believing in God Almighty

Many people still don’t believe that there will be punishment for their sins. Come on, let me tell you, the reward for sin is now, and not in a later time to come. Unless you repent of all your sins, God says your punishment is starting from now.

“Again a message came to me from the Lord: “Son of man, you live among rebels who have eyes but refuse to see. They have ears but refuse to hear. For they are rebellious people” Ezekiel 12: 1-2.

It is very common to hear people now say, “It doesn’t matter”. They commit all kinds of sins and they say it doesn’t matter! Doesn’t it matter truly? They say there is no hell nothing will happen after death. Okay, keep on sinning, continue, don’t change, and use your own hands to destroy yourself.

God's Punishment for False Prophecies

So you think because that pastor prophecies on you every time makes him a true prophet of God? You think because he speaks in tongues and gives you all manners of messages claiming they are from God that makes a true prophet of God. Do not be deceived!

"Then this message came to me from the Lord: 'Son of man, prophesy against the false prophets of Israel who are inventing their own prophecies. Say to them, 'Listen to the word of the Lord. This is what the Sovereign Lord says: what sorrow awaits the false prophets who are following their own imaginations and have seen nothing at all!" Ezekiel 13: 1-2

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Punishments For Witch Doctors and Herbalists

“What sorrow awaits you women who are ensnaring the souls of my people, young and old alike. You tie magic charms on their wrists and furnish them with magic veils. Do you think you can trap others without bringing destruction on yourselves? You bring shame on me among my people for a few handfuls of barley or a piece of bread. By lying to my people who love to listen to lies, you kill those who should not die, and you promise life to those who should not live” Ezekiel 13: 18B-19.

Witch doctors tell all kinds of lies, they either tell you the cause of your problem is your grandmother or your old aunt who lives in the village. They use blood of a healthy human being, killing innocent persons to give live to those who should not live, and this is what the word of God says. They deceive a lot of people because people love to listen to lies!

Why you Need to Repent Now!

“Once again a message came to me from the Lord: “Son of man, give your people this message: ‘When I bring an army (problems, difficult situations etc) against a country (people, individual, organizations, family, etc), the people of that land choose one of their own to be a watch-man. When the watchman sees the enemy coming, he sounds the alarm to warn the people. Then if those who hear the alarm refuse to take action, it is their own fault if they die” Ezekiel 33: 1-4

Please listen to this, I am a servant of God sent to you to warn you of an impeding danger, please don’t because of pride refuse to read this, don’t say you know it all, please listen to words of caution from the Almighty God and change now!

God always chooses a man to use as His prophet when there are grievous situations, it doesn’t matter the person’s background or what he had done in the past, God chooses to use whoever pleases him. He used Paul who was formerly Saul, a persecutor of the Believers to bring many people to Him. He is asking me to warn you of an impeding danger today so that you will repent of your sins and be saved.

God Can Turn Things Around in your Favor (Jeremiah 18)

“The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying, Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words. 

Then I went down to the potter’s house, and behold, he wrought a work on the wheels. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make” Jeremiah 18: 1-4

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God wanted Jeremiah to understand it means to be a creator; a maker and so God sent him to a potter’s place for him to see how the potter works in order for him to understand how He, God works.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to Break Generational Curses

By Pastor Adeboye

In Genesis 49:1-4, Jacob pronounced a curse on Reuben that he will never excel and this affected his lineage years after.

Some people are still suffering from a similar curse. In spite of all their talents, natural endowments and qualifications, they never get to the top.

It is not because they are not making enough effort; in real terms, they are making more than enough effort, yet certain forces, in response to earlier curses, frustrate them or make it impossible for them to move to higher levels. Generational curses must not be allowed in your life.

Biblical Prayer Against Enemies

"Lord hear me and help me! Listen to what my enemies are saying. Should they repay evil for good? They have dug a pit to kill me, though I pleaded for them and tried to protect them from your anger.

"So let their children starve! Let them die by the sword! Let their wives become childless widows. Let their old men die a plague, and let their young me be killed in battle! 

Doing the will of God

"Now I am mocked everyday, everyone laughs at me. when I speak the words burst out. "Violence and destruction!" I shout. So these messages from the Lord have made me a household joke.

"But if I say I'll never mention the Lord or speak in his name, his word burns in my heart like fire. It's like a fire to my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can't do it!

"I have heard the many rumors a bout me. They call me "The Man Who Lives in Terror! They threaten, "if you say anything, we will report it" Even my old friends are watching me, waiting for a fatal slip, "He will trap himself," they say, "and then we will get our revenge on him"

Monday, January 9, 2017

Don't put your Trust in Man

If you are still putting your trust on that uncle or on that great connection you have or your money and skills, yes it may work for you now, but please while using those great resources, put your trust in God or else they will fail you someday!

This is what the Lord says: "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from the Lord.

All our Actions has Reward

Every action we take in life has its reward, when we put efforts into developing our skills, it may not yield immediate result, but will some time if we don't give up. The same way we may not see the result of our continuous wickedness on time, but with time it will definitely show up.

God was speaking to Jeremiah, an old Prophet in the land of Judah, He said:

The Name of Jesus is the Hope For All

At the mention of the name of Jesus, the Bible says every knee must bow. The name of Jesus is miracle; the name of Jesus is comforting.

In time of distress and hopelessness, call on the name of Jesus and you will be saved.

There have been many testimonies about what the name of Jesus has done in the lives of many. The name of Jesus heals, the name of Jesus sets free, the name of Jesus comforts.

Praise the Lord.

Christianity and Hypocrisy

I challenge any Apostle, Pastor, Bishop, and Evangelist or any Christian at all who is not guilty of this to quote me wrong. I am using the New Living Translation; don't even try to bamboozle me with those talks of NLT not being the original version of the bible because most of you don't know how the KJV nor the bible came into being. I happen to be a pastor who refused to follow the multitude, I have done a thorough research of my believe, and hey Mr. Preacher, you need to go find out the truth about your believe. You became a Christian because you were born into a Christian home, if you were born into a Muslim home you would have been a Muslim! So spare me all those lies, thanks.

Preacher man and Born again! Listen to the word of God from the bible by prophet Isaiah. (Isaiah 58: 3 to the end)

"We have fasted before you!" they say. "Why aren't you impressed? We have been very hard on ourselves, and you don't even notice it!"

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Teaching about the Sabbath day (Matthew 12: 1- 8, 9-12)

At about that time Jesus was walking through some grain fields on the Sabbath. His disciples were hungry, so they began breaking off some heads of grain and eating them. But some Pharisees saw them do it and protested, “Look, your disciples are breaking the law by harvesting grain on the Sabbath”

Jesus said to them, “Haven’t you read in the scriptures what David did when he and his companions were hungry? He went into the house of God, and they broke the law by eating the sacred loaves of bread that only the priests are allowed to eat. And haven’t you read in the law of Moses that the priests on duty in the Temple may work on the Sabbath? I tell you, there is one here who is even greater than the Temple! But you would not have condemned my innocent disciples if you knew the meaning of this scripture: ‘I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices. For the Son of Man is Lord, even over the Sabbath.

Why you Should not Show off your Wealth

A certain king in the Old Testament named Hezekiah was very ill, but was healed through the power of the word of God. After his recovery kings from other nations came to visit him, just like when one of our rulers in the world today goes for a major surgery, other leaders pays him visit when he has been discharged from hospital.

Such was the case of King Hezekiah. Among those who visited him then was the prince of Babylon, the prince of Babylon in those days was one of the richest people on earth. He was accompanied by a great convoy from Babylon (Ministers, Head of services, ambassadors, senators etc.) with the siren of their cars blaring everywhere in town.

This excited King Hezekiah and because he needed to make them see that he was a very rich king, he took them around his palace and the around the entire kingdom and showed them EVERYTHING in the palace, the silver, gold, spices and aromatic oils, his armory and all the royal treasuries.

How to Recover From Sickness

Hezekiah was the king of Judah in Jerusalem. He was one of the kings in the Old Testament that truly served God. During his reign as the king of Judah, he suffered many afflictions including threats to his life by other kings in the world then.

But in spite of his faithfulness, he was struck with a terminal disease by God. And prophet Isaiah revealed to him that he was going to die. But rather than get angry or feel offended like many of us would have been, because we are serving God, we are not supposed to fall sick! Alas! Hezekiah cried unto God. In Isaiah 38: 3, he cried to God, "Remember now, O Lord, I beseech thee, I have walked before thee in truth and with a perfect heart, and have done that which is good in thy sight"

So it's not everything that happens to us that comes from the devil, God uses something's to test our faith to see how much we can rely on Him. Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take"

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Let Jesus carry your burden

We often stray away from God when we are stressed up or faced with certain life challenges, instead of staying firm to the word of God, we prefer to believe what we can see, and because of our belief we end up becoming miserable at a serious life challenge.

The tendency of keeping faith in God at such times decline greatly, and we either loose courage and hope or believe in God. We prefer to either give up on life or go into something that may end up destroying our future or even our eternity.

As much as it is difficult to trust in God in times like this, the word of God says we should come to God with our troubles and sorrow. It is much better to believe in God than use the devices of the devil.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Pride Leads to a Fall

The king of Assyria was a very powerful personality during this time in the Old testament. The other kings from different nations feared him because he had won several wars, his armies had defeated armies of great nations. Because of this great achievements, the kings of other nations worshiped him. He decides who becomes his slave and not even kings were spared if he chooses to make them slaves.

Its like comparing America to many nations of the world today. Most nations of the world fear and respect America because of the several wars they have won in the past because of the great material and intellectual resources that the country has. The president of America is usually referred to as the number one citizen of the world.

Who is God? (Nahum 1:2-8)

“The Lord is a jealous God, filled with vengeance and wrath. He takes revenge on all who oppose Him and continues to rage against His enemies!” Nahum 1: 2

That is to say God does not accept idolatry in any form. He is jealous and will harm those who worship any other god(s) apart from Him.

Why is He angry? He is angry because He is the Creator of you and He demands that you worship Him and only Him and no other god(s).

“The Lord is slow to get angry, but His power is great and He never lets the guilty go unpunished. He displays His power in the whirlwind and the storm. The billowing clouds are the dust beneath His feet”

How to Recover From a Set-back

Praise God!

TO RECOVER ALL you need to put all your trust in God, not in people or yourself. Isaiah 31 from verse 1, Isaiah said, "What sorrow awaits those who look to Egypt for help, trusting their chariots, and charioteers and depending on the strength of human armies instead of looking to the Lord, the Holy One of Israel" To recover all this year 2013, you need to forget about your powerful uncles, your rich family members, the senators you know and be fully dependent on the Almighty God.

Your Position will Not Buy you Eternity

When the Lord decides to punish the people of the earth for all their sins and atrocities, no one will be spared regardless of how highly placed they are in the society, be you a pastor, a bishop, a president or the richest man on the entire surface of the earth.

Your money will not give you salvation. The only thing that can save our life is knowing God and believing in His promises, following His decrees and laws. If you are fighting a fellow man like yourself you can use your skills, talents, strengths and even weapons to defeat your opponent. But no one has ever and will ever be able to fight God successfully not even the fallen angels.

Your power can get you money; money can buy you bombs, automatic guns, armories that can destroy an entire city, killing large number of people. But you cannot stand the wrath of God!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Getting Favor From God

I am sure you know what favor means but for the benefits of doubt, I will define favor using the Longman definition: Favor is to prefer someone or something to other things or people, especially when there are several to choose from.

Many of us often wonder why it looks like one person is favored than the other. For you to be favored you need to understand what it takes to get favor from God.

I have put together four major requirements to get favor from God.

How the Wicked will Die

“The mighty man has been destroyed. Yes, your insolence is ended. For the Lord has crushed your wicked power and broken your evil rule” Isaiah 14:4B-5 (NLT)

Many rulers forgets that they were once not rulers and if they had been subjected to inhumane treatments they are met on others, the chances is that they probably wouldn't have gotten to the position which gave them so much power to treat others so inhumanely.

Some leaders kill innocent citizens in thousands, we have heard of those that have tried to wipe out an entire tribe. Many have oppressed and squandered resources meant for an entire nation, using it for their individual selfish purposes.

Hear what God is saying to you:

Some Bible Facts

1.During the days of Noah God wiped off the entire universe using flood. It rained forty days and nights and after the flood covers the earth for 150 days. (5 months)
2.Nimrod- the first heroic warrior on earth; the greatest hunter on earth.1,260 days was mentioned twice when some things will happen

3.Revelation was written near the end of the first century

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hour of Breakthrough

“Nevertheless, that time of darkness and despair will not go on forever” Isaiah 9:1A

All the darkness and despair in my life cease today in Jesus name.

If you believe in God’s word and you keep His commands, though you may pass through some difficult times, but I assure you that as long as you keep your faith and heart focused on God, your problems, strife and sorrows will not go on forever.

Isaiah continued in verse 2 of the same chapter, he said, “the people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine”

Darkness here could mean “bad times” “ hard times” “trials” etc. while light could mean, “solution” “favor” “blessing” “help” “provision” etc.

So people who were suffering, having bad times will suddenly have solution, help and favor that will take away their sufferings.

When will the final peace come?

In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all. The cow will graze near the bear. The cub and the calf will lie down together. The lion will eat hay like a cow. The baby will play safely near the hole of a cobra. Yes, a little child will put its hand in a nest of deadly snakes without harm” Isaiah 11:7-8

CITY Pastor

"Preserve the teaching of God; entrust His instructions to those who follow me" Isaiah 8:16

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Witchcraft and Medium Consulting

"Someone may say to you, "Let's ask the mediums and those who consult the spirits of the dead. With their whispering and mutterings, they will tell us what to do. But shouldn't people ask God for guidance? Should the living seek guidance from the dead? Isaiah 8:19 (NLT)

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines "Dead" has something that is no longer alive, something no longer working because there is no power.

See how the man described to be the wisest man ever on earth described the "dead". Solomon in Ecclesiastes 9:5B-6, "The dead know nothing, they no longer play a part in anything here on earth"

So why would people consult the dead for an answer? It is because of their evil practices, practices developed by mankind. This witchcraft and it is against the Laws of God. God is against all kinds of idol worshiping.

Why consult a dead that knows nothing? That is what this statement in Isaiah 8:19 implies, "But shouldn’t people ask God for guidance? Should the living seek guidance from the dead?"

What Does it Mean to be Save?

“For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent His son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him” John 3: 16-17 (NLT)

Jesus in John 12: 47 said, “I will not judge those who hear me but don’t obey me, for I have come to save the world and not judge it. But I all who reject me and my message will be judged on the Day of Judgment by the truth I have spoken” (NLT)

“Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through Him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf” Hebrews 7: 25

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why you should always be yourself

I have noticed the trend of believe of many people; most people will rather follow the multitude in their thinking and pattern of living rather than be focused on what God has said in the bible. People generally term those who can stand alone "anti-social" or "unpopular".

Don't be afraid of people of people because they have wealth or power, fear only the Lord your God who not only has the power to give wealth and power but can also give and take life. The bible has something interesting to say about this:

In Isaiah 8: 11, "The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does" (NLT)

All human beings have the ability to think and reason in their own way. We all have our independent mind especially when it comes to the things of God. The bible is the general guardian for all human who wants to be sure of what God has said pertaining to a particular issue.

It doesn't matter if it is your pastor that said a particular thing, why not confirm from the bible to see if what your pastor called the truth is actually the truth? That is why we have the ability to read, and understand. God gave all of us this ability; it is only those who do not want to find out the truths that are reluctant to confirm what the bible says about a particular matter.

Who is a Hypocrite

Hypocrites are liars, slanderers and dishonest people. A hypocrite is someone who pretends to have certain beliefs or opinions that they do not really have. Hypocritical is behaving in a way that is different from what you claim to believe (Longman dictionary of contemporary English)

In his letter to Timothy a leader of the church during his time, Paul said in 1 Timothy 4:1-4 (NLT) , “Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead.

“They will say it is wrong to be married and wrong to eat certain foods. But God created those foods to be eaten with thanks by faithful people who know the truth. Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it but receive it with thanks. For we know it is made acceptable by the word of God and prayer.

What to do to Gain Eternal Life

1.Do not commit adultery

2.Do not kill

3.Do not steal

4.Do not bear false witness

5.Honor your father and your mother

6.Do not cheat

7.Do not backbite

8.Do not gossip

9.Serve God with all your heart and all you own

10.Do not fornicate

11.Do not worship idols or any other god but the Almighty God

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