I Saw More Women in Hell; Any Woman That Uses Make-up, False Hair, Trousers will go to Hell- Sister Linda’s Testimony

Linda Ngaujah narrates how she was attacked by demons in hell after she died on Friday, 15th February, 2013. She recounts her life as a wayward Christian, how she hated men of God who preached holiness.

In her encounter after her death she was taken to hell where she was tormented by demons before she was rescued by the Lord Jesus Christ. She recounts how the Lord Jesus showed her only three men of God in Sierra Leone who would go to heaven.

Sister Linda starts her testimony like this:

“I am happy to be here, I am happy to be chosen by God. I am happy for you people, that you come to listen to this message and this holiness conference. You are blessed! You will never remain the same, after this testimony, you will know where you fall short of the glory of God.

“I greet you in the name of Jesus, the Son of God, I bring good news for you from Jesus to you, and people from hell give messages to the world, and these majorities are women.

Before I start my testimony I will give you a brief of my life history before I met Christ, so that people will believe that no life is nothing, every life is something to Jesus, no matter what you are doing.

I’m a Christian, my name is Linda Ngaujah, I’m a student of EMIBEX College of Finance & Management. I just finished my HND in Accounting & Finance, waiting for results.

When I was in college, I use to head a club, a sinful club, even when I finished from school I still formed a club, and I was always made the chairperson of the club. In those days while I was in the world, anything I do, things that I do, I was always perfect in it.

I know how to dance, I love alcohol, I don’t get drunk, I drink and I smoked cigarette. I don’t have pity for born-again Christians, I didn’t like them (Please forgive me). I use to call them names!

I use to say it is a new way of mourning, the holiness revival was mourning. I didn’t like anyone that looks holy in appearance. Not knowing that it is the best way. This is the way that Jesus loves.

Any woman who dresses holy and pure in heart is in heaven. But I thought, because I loved one scripture (That was they taught us in church, they did not make us to understand what the scripture means)- “God help those who help themselves”

So when I was in the world, I picked that, finding money in the sinful way to pay my fees, to take care of the house, to buy things to dress, to put on this false hair, dress anyway, just to attract men, just to do anything that will please you. And when we had this money then, I thought that God was blessing me; not knowing that I was with the devil and, going to hell.

I use to go to a church; I was a member of the Rock Church, Corner Stone Ministry. I only believed that God is good; because that was what I was made to know in the sermon of these churches I used to attend.

If you go to my church, they will preach prosperity from morning until night, if my friends invite me to their churches, it’s the same sermon. We dressed anyhow; they said there are no criteria to go to heaven. ‘Once saved, ever save’.

In Bible classes, they never teach us that our indecent dressing was not good, or this hair we are putting on will take us to hell. Or that these jewelries, these make-ups are bad.

We have only few churches in Sierra Leone that are hard on the truth; that tell women, men or people the hard truth.

And when I was with Jesus, I saw the church, it was just three, the men of God includes, Pastor Emeka of the Charismatic Renewal, he knows me, he always preached to me, but I didn’t like the man because he doesn’t compromise. If you enter his church right now with false hair, you will stand, that whole day he will make you an example for his sermon. So I didn’t like going to his church.

I hated him; I always avoided him because he liked preaching about hell. But I liked those men of God who preach prosperity… “This is your year- sow a seed; kill the demon, your life shouldn’t be this way… God don’t want your life like this… if you finish this year without having a car, or you don’t travel, or you don’t have your own husband, know that the devil is close to you… bind the devil”

We bind devil and yet we are carrying the devil because Jesus showed me, “These jewelries you are carrying, (people say everything I do, witches know, demons know, they will stop it) its because as you put on these things, these earrings, these weavons, these false hairs, these eyelashes, these make-ups, these trousers).

When I was with Jesus, when Jesus was manifesting Himself in me, Satan was seeing me through these false nails, and I told my sister to cut it off.

Jesus said, I am opening your eyes to know what I am telling you because I want you to know that these things belong to Satan. He said, “Satan is seeing you through these nails”. (I will come back to this when Jesus took me to hell, the second time and showed me where these demons manufacture these jewelries, these false hairs, how they ordain men of God with these handkerchiefs, with these anointing oil and He even gave me their names.

So I was only going to church to pay tithe because in Sierra Leone churches are hard on tithe, they will preach tithe, we all know about tithe, even the sinners, the worst sinner in Sierra Leone knows about tithe because every crusade you go tom they will talk of giving- giving!

So we didn’t know which kind of money to give God, not knowing that even when you are in sin (there’s blessing to give tithe), but sin for money we have in the sinful world, don’t give tithe to it. But they did not tell us that, they say pay tithe. So me too, we find way to pay tithe.

Because they say if you don’t pay tithe when you die you go to hell because you are a thief in God’s kingdom. So that was what was in my head. From Monday every week, I will go out to my Boyfriend to get money, just for Sunday to pay tithe not knowing I was hindering myself. Because that was what men of God always preached in Sierra Leone- Deliverance- Breakthrough- Miracle!

One new church that just started at Kanbo State, they claim the Holy Water they use in the church is imported from River Jordan. If you cry, they will give you tissue or cotton bud to wipe the tears on your eyes and give back to them, they go to pray with it. (God opened my eyes to see it). If you want a husband, you choose the date, no matter what, husband will come and on that date, you will marry. If you see the church, crowded with people! God said, they are leading my people to hell.

I was in the world, I don’t listen to holiness messages, I dint like them. I listen to only prophetic pastors; Pastor Chris and others. I liked those messages.

I use to doubt preachers who claimed they saw Jesus, went to heaven, hell (God have mercy on me). And that’s why the demons dealt with me in hell. I always said that, God is not so wicked, because I used to read this Jehovah Witness Book.

I was comfortable in sin because of the messages I listened to and the books I read. These men of God don’t tell us the facts. They did not give us the deep message of God.

So when God took me to heaven, and hell, when I was in hell with demons, the demons preached to me, they know the Bible.

If you see hell, you will not want to put on any attachment on your head. This hair only, can land you in hell if you don’t do what God says. No matter what righteousness you wear, no matter how you win souls for Jesus, no matter how much you evangelize.

Let me tell you, this grey hair God gave you, if someone is plaiting your hair and you ask the person to remove it because you don’t want grey hair, let me tell you, the angels are writing your name in the book of death.

Be proud of everything that God give you, God wants you to be proud of it. Be proud of your grey hair, allow it to come out.

Attachments, weavons, tints, will take you to hell. Don’t ask questions about that.

Should I put on small trousers because when I’m going to market, I don’t want my money to fall- put it on, just put it on and have it there till you die, demons will preach to you, even if it is under the skirt, don’t wear it.

I used to like trousers, I don’t wear skirts, it’s now I am beginning to buy skirts. I didn’t know how to dress holy before now. I hated holiness.

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